Do you want to claim your Google hosted site on Alexa ? Just follow this instruction -1. First Log in to your Alexa account .
2. Go to and enter your site URL .
3. Select any one of the plans .
4. Now you should use “Option 2: Add your Alexa verification ID to the home page of your site .”
5. Copy the HTML meta tag (which looks like this: ) from the example HTML .
6. Now leave this window/tab open and open new window/tab .
7. On the new window/tab login to your Google Site .
8. Click on “More Actions” button and then select “Manage Site” .
9. If “General” is not selected , click on “General” in the left-hand navigation panel .
10. Paste your Alexa meta tag in the box under: “For custom domain sites , enter your verification meta tag below .”
11. Now click on Save Changes .
12. Go back to your Alexa account window/tab and click on the “Verify my ID” button .

Now your site should be verified . You can change site info , contact details if you wish . . . . . . .

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